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Turbomachinery Flows Training
Training in Turbomachinery flows is vital for those responsible for performance of pumps, compressors, and turbines. These courses will provide the fundamental understanding required to design, select, witness, audit, maintain, and operate a wide variety of turbomachines. Specific courses are tailored to the interest and depth requested by the participants.

  • Historical Perspective
  • Basic Turbomachine Types and Geometries
  • Axial and Centrifugal Flow Machines
  • Flow Analysis using Velocity Polygons
  • Governing Fluid Mechanic, Gas Dynamic & Thermodynamic Equations
  • Single Stage Energy Exchange
  • Geometric Design Parameters
  • Performance Predictions and Maps
  • Similarity
  • System Matching
  • Applications to Pumping, Power Generation and Jet Propulsion
  • Be conversant with terms such as velocity triangle, head, flow, efficiency, streamline.
  • Understand the basic governing equations.
  • Review and understand performance data and make qualitative decisions about a particular design.
  • Understand common performance problems such as surge, choke, and stall.
  • Be familiar with performance maps and similarity for a variety of machines.
  • Perform basic meanline design of pump, compressor, and turbine stages.
  • Audit the design of compressors, pumps, and turbines.
  • Troubleshoot complex performance problems.
  • Better understand the effects of multi-directional flows in pump, compressor, and turbine stages.
Courses in basic turbomachinery flows are intended to supplement limited exposure to these topics in most undergraduate engineering fluid mechanics courses. These courses are also intended to provide training in fundamentals for operations engineers and machinery engineers.
  • Hunter Cloud
  • Ron Flack
  • Walt Neibel

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